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Every Day Resolutions

By Dallas Price | In Blog | on December 31, 2015

So it’s a new year…again. New year, new you, new goals, new plan, new focus, new ambition. I think there’s something anticlimactic about the first Monday of the new year. We are made to believe that everything is renewed with the change of the calendar year. We get caught up in the hype of leaving our old habits behind us and somehow think everything will be different that first Monday. But Monday comes…and quickly our excitement wanes as we realize our goals are still just as hard to attain as they were 4 days ago.

Being fit is hard. Sticking to a routine is hard with life’s many distractions. Saying no to indulging when you’re out with friends is hard. Achieving goals is hard. With all the excitement and pep talk we get, many forget that it’s the every day grind that gives way to success. It’s the Tuesday night in Feb, in a snow storm that you choose to go to the gym instead of sitting in on the couch. It’s the Saturday morning when you push yourself out of bed to go for a run. It’s the 1 drink instead of 3 on a patio in July. It’s making up the chicken in your frig instead of ordering pizza on a Friday night. Those are the times where the work is put in. It’s not glamorous. It’s not about posting a selfie when doing it. It’s about simply having a bigger goal in mind.

I tell my clients, it’s not about always saying no. It’s about saying no more times than not and about compromise. It’s about earning a drink on a Friday night because you worked hard all week. It’s about seeing that when you eat and train the way your body was designed, you feel better, perform better, sleep better, focus better, look better and live better.

It’s not about making a New Years resolution. It’s about making a resolution every single day to be the best version of yourself. This doesn’t come with noise makers, hats and champagne glasses. This comes from a fire you find within yourself. Fire’s go out if you don’t feed them. So every day find a way of motivating yourself. Make goals, not resolutions….and then go smash them.

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