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Dallas Price

Dallas Price

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"Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong."

I was born with running shoes on my feet and more energy than I’ve ever known what to do with.  I played every sport I could and due to my lack of stature I became quite competitive to keep up.  Through high school I suffered through the typical ankle sprains and injuries most young athletes do.  By college I still played club rugby in the summer, but my pain was becoming debilitating.  I finally had to quit rugby all together after barely being able to walk off the field for the entire season.  I proceeded to do little to no exercise over the next 5 years.  The frustration from not being able to do the things I love became too much to bear.  I finally went to see a physiotherapist.  The consensus…I was a mess.

Due to my poor biomechanics, chronic-unattended injuries and improper training methods, I had destroyed my hip so bad that I looked like a hip replacement candidate at age 24. When I started working out again, I still knew very little about how my body worked and just avoided exercises that hurt which were anything with impact like running, jumping and most leg movements.  With my passion for sports I had thought about becoming a trainer for awhile, but really felt I was the worst person to teach anyone anything.  With encouragement I took on the challenge.

The more I learned the more I wanted to learn.  I finally was realizing why my body hurt and how to fix it.  I became obsessed with biomechanics, assessments, injury repair and prevention.  I slowly built my body back.  I became stronger and fitter than I ever was as a kid, and returned to club rugby as one of the fittest on my team, even for my adallas-back_580x325ge.

My battle with pain has driven my training focus.  Losing weight and gaining muscle are amazing goals, but if you can’t do it without injuring yourself than the pleasure is lost.  I love the challenge of fixing someone’s squat, or getting their glutes to fire, or increasing movement through their shoulder.

My clients are the reason I do this job. Each one has their own unique challenges and areas of interest. Training someone for 4 yrs + forces you to reinvent yourself, not only to keep your client engaged, but yourself as well. I’m always finding new ways to challenge the body and rethink how I train.

I want people to feel amazing, whatever that means to them.  Life is here to enjoy and allowing our health to get in the way of that is never what we planned.  Take control of your life and be amazed at how much more fun it can be.

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